Word of mouth

Brandy and Val board books are great books for little hands.  The colorful tabs make it fun and easy to turn the pages.  Everyone will enjoy real tales about real dogs — K. Chiasmore, Children’s Librarian, Ela Area Public Library, Lake Zurich, IL

I loved your presentation and I’m thrilled you’re coming back.  I loved the program and personally had a wonderful time —  E. Neill, Reference Librarian, Bellwood Public Library, Bellwood, IL

I love that each tab lets the reader know when they reach the end of the book.  The tabs read: Start, Almost, Done, and Finish. What a great learning tool for kids. Each book also has real pictures of the dogs doing actual activities. This is a great way for kids to relate. One book is about the dog’s favorite things with questions asking the reader what their favorite things, are allowing the reader to be involved in the story……The stories are great and don’t forget the adorable plush dolls of Brandy and Val!  — Emmi Langer, Mommy’s Free-Time Blog

I love the Brandy and Val books and read them daily with mom and dad — Stella S., Chicago IL

The Brandy and Val books almost look like a recipe collection – they flip at the top and have colored tabs at the bottom. What really caught my eye, however, was the comic-book style blurbs giving each photograph a voice. What’s more, the books each have accompanying plus toys resembling the “stars,” Brandy and Val.  This is a perfect way to introduce youngsters to the importance of adoption.  — Read Fur Rescue Book Review, Boulder, CO


Thank you so very much for helping us and supporting us and caring about animals.  Thank you so much for seeing the tremendous worth in your own dogs, Brandy and Val and for doing so much in their name– K. Clair, Pets Alive, Middletown, NY

(this one’s not about the books but I love the sentiment!) . Your love and care for dogs and kids really shows. The parents were very attentive, and the kids were extremely excited to tell their moms and dads about Brandy and Val.  — H. Jin, Skokie, IL

As a retired teacher in the city of New York, I wish I had the Brandy and Val books for my lower grade groups. I was a Corrective Reading teacher for about 30 years. These books are perfect for five year olds through seven to eight year olds, depending on their reading level.  The interest level would be between three year olds through nine year olds. Adults like to read them to their children. What a great gift for children.  — C. Buschel, Former Corrective Reading Teacher, New York, NY

PUPS MAKE GREAT READ — Chicago Parent/Chicago Special Parent Magazine

My niece loves Brandy and Val books.  She takes the toys to sleep with her every night.  –H. Siels, Arlington Heights, IL

DSC00959I gave your book to my nephew and both he and my sister in law LOVED it!!! A big hit for sure!! – L. Naples, Doylestown, PA

I just read my brandy and val books to my 3 year old as night time stories. He calls Val “Bal”. It is just very cute. Great books.  – M. Shamash, Round Lake Beach, IL

These are great kid books about 2 labrador rescue dogs. Our son really likes them. – M. Greenberg,  Denver,  CO

Brandy and Val laze with their pets

My 3 year old daughter loves Brandy and Val. She talks about them at meal times, bath time, play time and of course story time, she always wonders what they are doing right now. These books are her favorites! 
J. Herford, Mt. Prospect, IL

We like the books because Brandy and Val are real dogs. We can’t wait to see what they do next!
R. Fleischmann, Denver, CO

The dogs are cute! I liked learning about where the dogs were found. I learned that one of the dogs was rescued from Hurricane Katrina.   — K. Freedman, Montclair, NJ

Brandy and Val like their treats

Brandy and Val tails will keep you begging for more!   — C. Frenda, Chicago, IL