Pilots Fly Rescues to New Homes

At Brandy and Val, LLC, we are always looking for organizations that do good deeds that benefit the lives of animals, especially those abandoned and abused.  I was watching Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 the other evening and learned about Pilots and Paws rescue services and thought I’d share/spread the word about them.  Essentially pilots and plane owners who wish to help rescues do so through the transporting of animals to new homes or shelters around the country.  The pilots volunteer their time and aircraft to make this possible and rescues can post their requests.  Pilots read the postings and, if they can accommodate, contact the rescue and make appropriate arrangements.

Read about the heartwarming story of Belle, an English Setter, to find out how these wonderful pilots make a difference to animals and families who are looking for that “perfect” canine addition to their home.

As for DOGS 101, I stumbled upon that show while channel surfing and enjoy it every time I stop to watch.  It’s a kind of video primer on all things dog and each week, a few breeds are looked at in depth, especially in terms of what kind of pets they would make.  The videos of the pups are adorable to watch and there’s always something interesting to learn.  Trainers, veterinarians and groomers are usually interviewed and at the end of each segment, a quick summary  of the pros/cons of the dog is posted.     For example, the Australian Dingo is a very controversial dog and doesn’t make a good pet.  Find out why! On the other hand, the Keeshond, a dog I didn’t even know,  makes a great pet, are good pet therapy dogs who even provided emotional support to the rescue workers in 9/11.    Definitely a show worth tuning into…..

Brandy and Val, LLC supports animal shelters throughout the country through the sales of their toys and books: BRANDY AND VAL: BRANDY AND VAL’S FAVORITE THINGS; BRANDY AND VAL’S SPECIAL STORY. Brandy and Val are two real dogs who went from being down on their luck to very fortunate pooches.  To learn more about them visit their website, Brandy and Val.

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