Brandy and Val

We’re Brandy and Val, two real dogs with real stories to tell about our lives and the things we like to do. Our books make reading and learning fun for toddlers, appeal to young children and can be shared with the entire family.


  • Kids love the real pictures of us
  • Sturdy tabs make turning pages easy
  • Eye catching, brightly colored pages
  • Compact size makes our books easy to take along everywhere
  • You can even make us members of the family with plush toys that look like us.
  • Named to About.com 2010 Guide to Toys


And, maybe best of all, feel good knowing that we support animal rescues throughout the U.S. with every Brandy and Val book and toy we sell.

Brandy and Val's Favorite Things

BRANDY AND VAL’S FAVORITE THINGS Find out what they are. $11.95 ORDER NOW

Brandy and Val book and toys

BRANDY and VAL, our first book and our Mini-Brandy and Mini-Val toys! Order book separately or with toys.

Brandy and Val's Special Story

BRANDY AND VAL’S SPECIAL STORY We’re both rescue dogs. Learn how we were adopted and which one of us is the Hurricane Katrina survivor.
$11.95 ORDER NOW

How we make a difference.

Brandy and Val support several causes and also work as pet therapy dogs in our community. We visit schools, libraries and special needs facilities. For details, mail us at info@BrandyandVal.com

Downloadable Discussion Guide for Teachers and Parents

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